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Protect Your Car From Break-Ins: Smart Anti-Theft Tips

According to national statistics and the US Department of Transportation, on average 116 vehicles are stolen every hour in America. In 2022, 1,001,967 vehicles were stolen in the United States alone, the highest rise in motor vehicle theft since 2008. There’s nothing worse than going to where you parked your vehicle only to see it gone.

The next worst thing you can experience is seeing that your vehicle was broken into. There’s busted glass inside and outside and your contents are gone, meaning you’ll need side glass repair services. The number of vehicle thefts is hard to determine because many go unreported but it doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself.

Since most vehicle break-ins occur during the night, let’s keep reading to discover the best anti-theft tips, and if this happens to you, who you can call for fast mobile windshield replacement services?

5 Smart Anti-Theft Tips

When it comes to keeping your ride where you parked it and without being burglarized, there are some things you can do to avoid side glass repair services caused by thieves breaking into your vehicle through a window.

They include:

Tip #1: Blinking Lights

According to most Gilbert auto glass companies, simple LED battery-operated blue and red blinking lights will deter most auto thieves at night simply because they don’t know what they are and are more likely to find another vehicle to steal or break into. They can be placed on your front windshield or rear window and do help.

Tip #2: Park in the Light

Since most car thieves like to jack cars and steal contents from others under the cover of darkness, it’s always best to park your vehicle in a well-lit area with ample lighting. Another good idea for avoiding auto-side glass replacement services is to park your vehicle close to a motion sensor light when you’re at home.

Tip #3: Steering Wheel Locks

If a car thief is looking to steal your ride, having a steering wheel lock can help deter the would-be thieves. You can buy a basic wheel-lock for about $30 while the heavier-grade ones can run you about $100 or more. Sometimes windshield replacement services are needed because vehicles are left in high crime areas without a steering wheel lock.

Tip #4: Security Key Lockbox

Having a security key lockbox such as the ones car dealerships use with GPS tracking will give the appearance that this vehicle is from a dealership. You don’t need one like they use, just a basic security key lockbox will do. Simply hang it from your driver’s side window without any keys in it to give the impression that someone is returning soon.

Tip #5: Scary Car Alarms

While newer vehicles all come with motion-censored car alarms, late models do not but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a secondary scary car alarm to newer models. One thing car thieves do not like is loud noise and drawing attention to themselves; therefore, the louder and more scary a car alarm is, the better at being a deterrent.

To avoid mobile windshield replacement due to someone breaking the windows in your vehicle to steal it or take contents they see, keep your expensive contents in the trunk or out-of-sight and out-of-mind while using the tips above.

What Happens if I Do Need Mobile Windshield Replacement Services?

If you need a mobile windshield or side glass repair services, due to a vehicle break-in, you can call or contact Renegade Fast Glass in Gilbert, Arizona. We are Gilbert’s best mobile windshield services for all makes and models on the road today and come with the best experience and trained auto glass technicians.

We understand that vehicle theft is an invasion of privacy and will act fast and swiftly to help you replace the broken window(s) caused by the burglars. If you need our mobile windshield services for car break-ins or any other reason, you can also request a quote by clicking here.

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