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Side and Quarter Glass

Repair and Replacement Services

At Renegade Fast Glass, we offer quick and easy glass replacement service within a four-step process. Our team of skilled auto glass technicians can help you get the glass repairs or replacement services that you need today. We have a robust of stock auto glass at our disposal and can get you back on the road in no time and driving safely.


Side & Quarter Repair Services

Side and quarter glass are often the most overlooked exterior parts of vehicles. However, these glasses can help with all-around visibility, fuel efficiency, and more. In some cases, users can reduce the use of air conditioning with side and quarter glass. Unfortunately, these small glasses are often targeted by thieves who want to break in. Any damage to the side and quarter glass located at the front or back window can instantly leave you looking for quarter glass replacement services. Renegade Fast Glass is here to help you with our top-notch car glass services in Arizona. We offer windshield, side, and quarter glass as well as rear glass replacement services. 

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What Exactly is a Quarter Glass?

Side & quarter glass also known as valence window or quarter lite in older vehicles is a side window located at the back or front of a vehicle. Although these are often an unnoticed pair of glasses, they have a crucial role to play in terms of supporting all-round visibility for drivers. 


At large, in SUVs or trucks, the quarter glass is located at the rear side of a vehicle, especially on either side of the vehicle’s load-carrying space which can be opened for allowing more ventilation inside. The name “quarter” comes from the fact that these glasses are a quarter the size of your vehicle’s main windows. 

What Are Our Quarter Glass Replacement Services?

At Renegade Fast Glass Services, we offer fast-class top-notch quarter glass replacement services to our clients. We have been operating in Arizona for years now and hold a thorough experience in this field. Usually, when a quarter glass is damaged, there’s no way you can repair it, and replacement remains the only choice. 


It’s because quarter glasses are made of tempered glass material which is heat-hardened. Due to this process, quarter glass always has a very high surface strength. Therefore, when someone hits it hard, the glass breaks into pebble-sized pieces. It is completely different from the front windshield of a vehicle that stays laminated. 


Although in some cases, quarter glasses are also getting made from laminated glass, you can find them only in a few high-end luxury models. In the case of laminated glass, the damage can be repaired because there are several layers of polymer and glass. However, tempered glass can’t be repaired, it requires a replacement. 

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Why You Should Look for a Quarter Glass Replacement Service?

Since the glass of a vehicle provides nearly 1/3 of the strength of the vehicle’s structure, its role is an important one. This applies to quarter glasses and even to all of the smaller vent panes in your vehicle. Any damage to these glasses can have a major impact on the structural strength of a vehicle and weaken its structural integrity.


Another reason why you should look for a glass replacement service is security. If your quarter glass is damaged and a thief finds this weakened spot, they will attempt to break in and get through the vehicle to access your contents. Therefore, it’s always wise to look for a quarter glass replacement service as fast as you can. 


This is why Renegade Fast Glass service is here to help. We offer quarter glass replacement services at the most affordable prices available in Arizona. Being a reliable service provider in this industry, we are committed to earning our client’s trust by providing the responsiveness, value, and experience that you are looking for. 

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The first step of working with us is to get in touch with us by filling out a form located at the top of our website page. We also offer a calling feature to book our services or get a quote from us. Our staff is always happily prepared to help and can answer any questions you may have about insurance coverages and cash prices.



Our fast auto glass service is only scheduled when you approve the given quote. We work 7 days a week all across Arizona. Our technicians can come to your house, work, or any other place where you want us. If you need fast service for auto glass repair or replacement, then you need Renegade Fast Glass.



Upon calling us or reaching out through the form, an agent will call you shortly to give you the best quote. If you already have insurance, please keep every document handy. If you don’t have insurance, we don’t have a problem with that. We still provide the best deal, and once the quote gets approved, your auto glass service is scheduled.



The next and final step of Renegade Fast Glass services is the installation phase which takes about 45 minutes based on the type of glass service you have booked. To get started fill out our online contact form or call us at 888-788-2090 and get the best and fastest auto glass services in Arizona. 

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