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The Dangers of a Damaged Windshield

There are many dangers of having a damaged windshield from limited visibility to putting the structural integrity of your vehicle at risk and its safety components. A small chip doesn’t seem like much at first but if not sealed and treated, it can cause a network of hairline cracks that most people know as the “spider web” effect.

Vehicle windshield repair Gilbert, AZ companies know firsthand the dangers of having a damaged windshield as there have been many different types of reported accidents and injuries on secondary roads, highways, and interstate freeways in the state of Arizona.

Let’s learn some more about these hidden dangers of having a damaged windshield and discover why auto glass repair in Gilbert is paramount.

Mobile auto glass repair becomes critical during the early stages of a chip or cracks in your windshield. Not only do most fast auto glass repairs prevent the damage from spreading but they also save the vehicle owners a significant amount of money on their insurance policies or bust out their wallets with some cold hard cash.

Below are some reasons why Gilbert windshield repair is important:

  • Sight Impairment: One of the most common dangers of having a damaged windshield is sight impairment which causes a decrease in your field of vision. Cracked lines during the day can reduce your vision; however, at night, it’s even worse. If you have a damaged windshield, contact our Gilbert auto glass repair services immediately.

  • Creates Prisms: Damaged windshields can create prisms in your line of sight when streetlight or other headlights hit your broken glass. They can cause an accident or temporarily blind the driver. Prisms are also known to reflect the distorted light back to other drivers with their headlights on which affects both parties involved.

  • Vehicle Integrity: When it comes to vehicle integrity, the windshield is a key component, especially during accidents and head-on collisions. For rollovers, the structural integrity of a windshield becomes even more important. Additionally, a solid windshield also plays a critical role in the stabilization of a vehicle.

  • Safety Glass: Auto safety glass is made by bonding two sheets of glass together with vinyl resin. This application with vinyl resin is engineered to keep passengers inside the vehicle during collisions and accidents. Further, it also prevents airborne objects from entering through the windshield causing bodily injuries, and even fatalities.

  • Defective Airbag Deployment: According to the experts at vehicle windshield repair Gilbert, AZ, Renegade Fast Glass, having a damaged windshield can cause a defective airbag deployment on the vehicle’s passenger side. However, when an airbag deploys, it can create a bigger crack or force a chip to shatter.

Above are just some of the reasons why mobile auto glass repair is important. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, you should take your vehicle to a certified Gilbert auto glass repair shop or call to have them bring a replacement to where your damaged windshield is located in Gilbert, Arizona.

Where to Get the Best Vehicle Windshield Repair Gilbert, AZ Has to Offer?

For fast auto glass repair in Gilbert, the best place to get your damaged windshield repaired or replaced is at Renegade Fast Glass. We have extensive knowledge in repairing chips and cracks in your windshield before they become a hazard while driving and offer reasonable and fair rates for both materials and labor.

Our vehicle windshield repair Gilbert, AZ services are designed for fast deployment and even roadside assistance. We work with all insurance companies to help make getting your windshield repaired or replaced in the shortest time possible. If you are stranded somewhere, don’t worry about it because we come to you.

For immediate mobile auto glass repair, contact us today and we will get you fixed and back on the road in no time.


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